For the first time in the municipality of Autlán the 1st cultural musician festival is held in honor of the guitarist and main benefactor of Tiopa Tlanextli Carlos Santana.

This festival was realized in conjunction with the Autlán Town Hall and Tiopa Tlanextli carrying out it for 3 consecutive days being 20,21 and 22 of July 2017 in the garden that takes its name located in the Echeverría colony of this same city being A free and open event for all the general population, there was a musical program in which the groups Bohemio Café, Jazze, Soul Sacrifice, Youth Symphony Orchestra of El Grullo, Autlan Orchestra in ensemble with the mariachi rosales, TAE of Autlán Regional High School, Asido Nuves Group and Peonia Group, there was also an exhibition of handicrafts with local products involving the artisans Manuel Corona, Mr. Guadalupe Jiménez and Mrs. Leticia, A & B Art and Biodiversity. Ing. David Salvador Escandón Sandoval, Mr. Francisco Vargas, Mr. Silvestre Díaz Landeros, Karla Lucia Ibarra Mechaca, Sandra Elizabeth Mancilla García, Perla Teresa Guerrero Rangel, Emma Crescencia Bobadilla Cobián, Rosa Morales Ríos and Víctor Cisneros Gómez, Maricela Bernal García, Dora Alicia Bernal García, Luz Parra Sánchez, Juan Rubio Mata, Manuel López Morales and Fidencio Lizaola Rodríguez, in addition to having a pictorial exhibition by the Mtra. Armida Briceida Maldonado Rubio who highlighted this festival.

The aim of this festival was twofold, to celebrate Carlos Santana’s 70th birthday and at the same time to celebrate the municipal day of Carlos Santana, instituted by H, Ayuntamiento de Autlán, expecting to perform it every year as part of the Municipal activities and Tiopa Tlanextli.

We are grateful to the authorities of the H. City Council of Autlán to the municipal president Lic. Fabricio Corona Vizcarra to the regent Lic. Paz Adriana Casillas Aréchiga who was the one who presented the proposal to institute on July 20 as the municipal day of Carlos Santana, To the media XELD Radio Costa, Radio Universidad and Radio la Mejor for giving us the spaces for the promotion of the event, participating musical groups, artisans, the Mtra. Armida Briceida Maldonado Rubio for such a brilliant pictorial show, to Civil Protection, to the department of general services and public lighting of H. Ayuntamiento as well as to our director Dr. Martin Sandoval Gómez, to the patronage and staff of Tiopa Tlanextli that without all of them It would have been possible to celebrate this festival.