The children’s inn is an extracurricular event of Tiopa Tlanextli organized by its staff, which is held every year with the purpose of giving children with low resources the opportunity to celebrate with more joy the holidays.
This year we had the support of different companies, businesses and people, who made possible the realization of this event.
All small or large were part of this event.
Chickens Martin- Flutes
Chickens The Best-Flutes
Chickens Geras-Flutes
Duran Sweet Sweets
Dulcería Esmeralda-Dulces
Venice pastries- Christmas cake
Bakery Chagollán- Christmas Cake
Bakery Garcia-Pastel Navideño
Pastry Sweet Temptation-Christmas Cake
Gala Plastics- Disposable
Super Martinez-Disposable
Paintings Comex- Christmas Pastel
Hardware The Olympic- $ 200.00
Funeraria Torres-Dulces
Brambila-Sweets Alarms
Steel and Tubular Coast-Toys
Ferrecentro- $ 500.00
HORFI-Bag to bag
Municipal Trustee. Alejandro García Barbosa-Dulces
Chickens Peralta-200 Flutes
German Artistic Cake-70 Cupcakes
Ibarra Family Sweets
Petra Garcia-3 Fresh Water Buckets
Irma Álvarez- $ 200.00
Elvia Viviana Camacho- 800 Pcs. Totis
Ferrecas- $ 200.00
Juan Morales-Toys
Ana Rosa Covarrubias Rolón- $ 200.00
Jorge Ortiz- $ 5,000.00This year two inns were held, the first was held on Wednesday, December 14 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., with the presence of the Ma. Dolores Zepeda Children’s Garden with 72 children, and the Fernando Montes de Oca Children’s Garden with 205 Children delivering the tickets to the Teachers of each educational establishment. The Second Inn was held on Thursday, December 15, from 3:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m., with the limit of 700 children aged 6 to 10 years in this inn was presented by the Pastorela “The Pact “Represented by the students of the Primary School of the Colonia Ejidal. The tickets were distributed free of charge in the social work area from December 8 to the end of stock. The support and participation of members of the Board of Trustees, volunteers who along with service providers and the staff of the institution were during the process of both inns.
The staff of Tiopa, supported before, during and after each event in the organization and the preparations that were had from previous days. In addition, there were several people who volunteered to carry out the events.
The event turned out to have a good conclusion, since all the children with tickets were able to get flutes (food) and fresh water, cake, gelatine, bolo and finally their toy. The event ended at 6:00 pm and the attendees withdrew.
It should be mentioned that there was a remaining of 140 pieces of toys, 100 Bowls of Sweets, approximately ½ Kg of Christmas Cake, Flutes and 20 Liters of Fresh Water.