“There is nothing stronger in the world than the heart of a volunteer.”


Telehealth Project


About Us 



We are an institution that provides health and education with courtesy, love, humility and equality to the most vulnerable women, children, elderly and indigenous people of Autlán and the region.


Create the most advanced system of care in the field of health and education, focused on ethically and professionally rescue the attitude and aptitude of service.

General Objectives

Guarantee a better level of health care and educational support for low-income families in Autlán and the region, focusing on raped women, pregnant women, widows, single mothers; Abused, abandoned children with health problems and educational backwardness; Old people abandoned, ill-treated or ill; Indigenous people without medical services, migrants or residents of our population and / or region.


Love to see us as family, courtesy to be attentive and affable with our beneficiaries, honesty to take the right way institutional action and acts of good faith; Equality to assert your rights as a person if you import your economic, social, physical, political or religious status, respect to recognize the value and dignity of all people with their genders.


For the 6th time, our institution receives the friends of Tiopa from Las Vegas Nevada who met on June 7 and 8 where about 115 children benefited with free dental treatments, general medical assessment, pediatric assessment, nutrition consultations and ophthalmology....
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Results of the Fund Recall Program 2019

As part of the Carnival during the 2019 festive beer fest, the 4th Tiopa 2019 raffle took place, a program to raise funds for building construction CASA (Culture, Art, Health and Love) and these are the winners: First Prize Guitar PRS SE Santana Edition ABRAXAS Winner...
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The children's inn is an extracurricular event of Tiopa Tlanextli organized by its staff, which takes place every year with the purpose of giving low-income children the opportunity to celebrate the holiday season more joyfully. This year 2018 we have the support of...
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11th Annual Report of Activities

We present the annual report of activities, corresponding to fiscal year 2017. The goals and achievements reached during the reporting period have been thanks to the joint work of each and every one of us who make up this great institution, Patronato, Personal Tiopa...
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Results of the Fund Recall Program 2018

On February 11, 2018 the announcement of the winners of the 2018 fundraising program was made under the musical framework Soul Sacrifice in the coronation event of the Carnival Autlán 2018, the lucky winners were the following: First PRS Guitar Prize Santana Lion...
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The children's inn is an extracurricular event of Tiopa Tlanextli organized by its staff, which is held every year with the purpose of giving children with low resources the opportunity to celebrate with more joy the holidays. This year we had the support of different...
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“You have what you have for the people and you are what you are for God”