Ambulance Service

With the Ambulance Service we offer the population of Autlán and its region reliable transfers at low costs delivering our attention with dedication, quality and assistance.

General Medicine

Area attended by surgeon and midwife supported by a nurse, who work in shifts. The opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. At 8:00 p.m.

We offer first level attention in the following services:

  • General consultations both at the institution and at home
  • Prevention and promotion of health: It guides people about the complications caused by certain seasonal diseases.
  • Control of chronic degenerative diseases: Every month, people with diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure are checked, emphasizing the importance of good control for a better quality of life.
  • Pap smear
  • Prenatal check-up: A general check-up is carried out and directed to the close monitoring of the evolution of the pregnancy.
  • Cauterization
  • Electrocardiograms.


We count on the professional committed, humanitarian and qualified to provide a quality care and warmth to all the general population that attends this service in compliance with the hygiene and safety standards that are demanded for the good of our users.

Among the services we handle in this department is to provide information to our patients and users about chronic degenerative diseases and more common pathologies with the purpose of preventing and reducing them, focusing mainly on the most vulnerable population.

Reception and Pharmacy

In the area of Pharmacy and Reception, users are provided with the necessary information about the services offered at the institution, they are advised about the procedure to be entitled and thus enjoy the benefits that are granted with these services, are supplied Medicines and medical supplies at low cost and delivery of laboratory results.

  • Provide information about the institution and appropriate procedures.
  • It refers users to social work for review and socio-economic classification.
  • Receive orders for medicines and medical supplies.
  • Supply the drug prescriptions to users and collect them.
  • To manage the control of agendas of the services of psychology, dental and nutrition.
  • Receive, seal and deliver laboratory results to those who requested it.


The accelerated pace of life of contemporary society, a victim of stress, poor diet and other factors that harm his health, have made the nutritionist an indispensable ally for men and women.

The nutritionist bases his strategy on three basic aspects, which are: balance, variety and moderation. The combination of these factors is a healthy diet, representative of different food groups, and of course according to our needs of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and other components. For this reason, the Nutrition area contributes to the promotion of health by developing education activities.


The Hemodialysis department of Tiopa Tlanextli is the first of its kind in the southern coast region.

Our goal is to provide services to renal patients who require this substitution therapy; Always with the highest quality and warmth possible.

With an extensive geographical area of impact that encompasses localities such as El Grullo, El Limón, Tonaya, Unión de Tula, Casimiro Castillo and La Huerta to name a few.

In our institution, we provide care to patients of the general population without discriminating against those who do not have affiliation with any institution in the health sector.

And we have even taken an important step in achieving the agreement with the ISSSTE to attend to their patients who previously were in need of being transferred to Guadalajara.


Considering the evident lag of the population as far as hygiene culture and dental care is concerned, especially in the poorest and marginalized population of society, as well as the community in general, it is intended to help “prevent” as well as “Correct” all health problems that the oral cavity is concerned with. This is intended to be achieved by attacking the origins of such lags, such as the great disinformation and poor culture of prevention and oral care of the population in our community.

Always putting the respect and dignified treatment to any social level that requires it and giving special attention to the sector of the population that most needs it.

Social Work

Our job is to facilitate and guide people so that they can find and use the resources and means to overcome their difficulties. Find solutions according to the case and the environment of those affected and open the ways to get the help.

Through this area the following activities are carried out:

We have agreements with different laboratories, specialists, medical units such as: The Mountains, CERECS (Center for Ecosonography and Specialized Radiology of the South Coast), RIO (Clinical Laboratory Comprehensive Center for Medical Diagnosis), CID Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngologists, Pediatricians, Internists, Dentists, Urologists, among others for the realization of studies for a better quality and service to users, references are made to patients when they require some type of specific study, handling them a discount accessible to their economy.

Ambulances are handled at various clinics and hospitals in the municipality and the region. Open to the general public.

Digital Services and Library

Much is said about technology in our days, we have also seen that it is growing by leaps and bounds, so much that many people with scarce resources of survival and also adult have been left behind in this branch. In the Digital Services Area, this population is given the opportunity to learn to work using the tool that is nowadays basic for almost any task, so we talk about the computer.